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Step 1

The client completes my design form, and sends room pictures, to me.  Robert and Jenn wanted to keep the current paint color, so we built the design, around the exisitng color palette.


Step 2 

Collaboration begins,  design items are determined, and your personalized room rendering is delivered, Any adjustments are made, at this point.



Step 3

Confirmation of scale, with the items going into the space.  Robert and Jenn were the PURFECTTTT Virtual Client.  They followed my instruction to the letter!  In order for this concept to be successful, I strongly advise to follow my Pre Order checklist!   Together, we work hand in hand, to insure all things are to scale!  Including art and accessories!  


Step 4

Drum you can see.....Simply Divine, as Candence would say!!!  The beauty in E-Design is you will have a room blueprint as a guide, which allows you to make subtle changes, like Robert and Jenn did here.  Instead of using the banquette I suggested, they found one locally, for a better price, AND it was a color that worked with my design.   You can use your room rendering, as a guide to supplement any items I suggest, and you know  exactly what to look for!  That is what I call Easy Peasy design!!!  See additional Before & Afters Here

kinga 2 installed.jpg
Kinga installed.jpg
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