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                                                                WHY  Blondies  oft?


So you have found Blondiesloft, and you are intrigued with this E-Design concept, right?  This is too good to be true, you say to yourself!  All of a sudden you are excited, thrilled, THEN, you come back to earth and say, “How in the world can this work, she is in Al, and I’m in NY”!  Then comes” but oh my goodness look at these beautiful designs, and her Reviews are incredible!  She could be the answer, I have been looking for!  She is SO affordable!!! “   The roller coaster of doubt, rears its ugly head again, and you are back to the doubt factor!

  Listen I “GET IT” I understand it is hard to grasp this concept, and more importantly spending your hard earned money, on something that you are a little uncertain of.  I have spent the past 3 years focusing on explaining the E Design process.  I have documented the process from the start of the process, to the actual install.  You can easily view The Process here

However, in the end, you will have to step out in faith, and cross the threshold, to this exciting concept!  I can tell you that the clients that did, are beyond excited with their new spaces, and were amazed how simple it was to implement, into their space!  I am available to each of my clients, for questions, until the design is successfully installed, into their space.  Believe in the wonderful Reviews, that my clients have graciously shared with all of you!!  They were once like you, who moved beyond the doubt, and decided to trust.  Their reward is a beautiful space that is a unique expression of their tastes, personality, and budget.  You can have that too!  Take a leap of faith, you will be SO glad you did!!!!! TRUST me, TRUST Blondiesloft, you will not be disappointed, I promise!!  

             E-Design, E- Decorating, and Virtual Interior Design Exposed


A picture speaks a thousand words!  If you are on the fence, debating on whether you should OR should not,.....Take a look at our Gallery of SUCCESSFUL E-Design projects , and rest assured, it will be the best money you have EVER invested!!  Not to mention, how much FUN you are going to have, during the process!  xo ~Catz

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"Good Design Will Always


an emotional response"

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