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Welcome , I am Catz Divirgilio, owner and founder of  Blondiesloft.  My design journey began 9 years ago, working as an Interior Decorator at one of the local design houses, on the Gulf Coast.  After several years of dedicated work, I decided to spread  my wings, and fly solo.  It is the best decision, I have ever made!  It has taken several years to build and brand Blondiesloft, and to show the world we are not the typical decorating service.  We are flourishing, I'm so excited!   What sets us apart from our competitors. is the honest collaboration between designer and client.   We understand it is ALWAYS about the client, and their need, NOT ours.  Blondiesloft encourages our clients to be a part of the process, from start to finish.  In fact we believe, their involvement, is KEY,  to a successful design.  Simply put, good design should reflect each clients unique style, personality, and budget PERIOD!   We go that extra mile , we get "Up Close and Personal"  to help them express WHO they are,  through their home surroundings.   When both parties feel free to express their viewpoint, the  dance begins and a one-of-a-kind design is born.  Previous clients are amazed how their own design sense has improved, and how they have fallen in love with their home again:)  That is SO heart warming to me!  That is WHY I do what I do..... Here at Blondiesloft we are not just creating  beautiful spaces, we are building relationships, to me.... that is what it's about!   Blondiesloft is an expression of me, my hope is you will LOVE your new space, as much, as I loved creating it. 

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