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The 3 main CORE designs, that most of my clients request are, Transitional, Classic, and Modern styles.  However I also have a few that prefer Rustic Chic, Industrial, the beloved Shabby Chic, and everything in between.  My Philosphy on any design style, is to create a space that is timeless, with any style preference.  I do this by introducing subtle elements, from several design groups, into the space.  This builds a room with Eclectic qualities!  it is my belief...... 

When a space reflects 1 design style, I find we tire of it, rather quickly!  My goal is always to create a NATURAL design, around the preferred design style.  Not only will your new space be as unique as you are, but you will enjoy it for YEARS to come! Not to mention how much $$ you will save on redecorating cost!!

" Eclectic Design = Timeless Design = Smart Design = One Of A Kind Design "

Let's take a look, at the 3 CORE Design Styles

Classic design, usually has a focal point that is visually balanced.  For example, a fireplace with 2 matchng arm chairs, on either side.  The color palette used, is usually drawn form nature. Including, blues, greens, browns, and yellow.  When accenting in white, if you want a true tradiitonal classic, go with an off- white.  To create a Modern Day classic, go with a bright white.  Order, symmetry, and balance are a must, for a authentic Classic style!

Modern design, is all about clean lines, function, mininuim use of textures, and simple accessories.  Geometric shapes including rigid squares and rectangles, along with smooth curves, are used in this design style.  The furniture and layout, is asymmetrical. 

Transitional styling, is probably my FAV of all design styles!  It combines classic, with modern and contemporay componets.  It has a TIMELESS modern day vibe, that you will NEVER tire of.  It's classic roots, will keep you grounded IN LOVE with its simple, yet sophisticated appeal.   

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